AIS System

A complete solution for AIS monitoring.

Our AIS system includes everything needed to begin ingesting, monitoring and analyzing AIS data within a matter of hours from the start of system deployment.

The system is comprised of the necessary hardware, software and network infrastructure to receive AIS transmissions and securely send the data on our network to be ingested by our monitoring software and/or to a location of your choosing.

Hardware Features:

  • External AIS Antenna
  • Internal RTC, GPS and LTE antennas
  • AIS receiver equipped with LTE, WIFI and ethernet uplinks
  • Surge arresters for RF & Ethernet
  • D38999 bulkhead connectors
  • NMEA0183
Deployed AIS system.

One of our AIS systems installed at Hopkins Marine Station

Monitoring Software:

Our web interface provides monitoring AIS data such as vessel location, speed, heading, ship name and more. Provides a live view for real time vessel identification and tracking or a historical view for querying vessel tracks within a time frame or a physical area.

Quick view options for the last 30min, 2h or 6h

Select location bounds on the map for a location query. Useful for identifying ships that entered a zone of interest.

Zone report displaying how long vessels were in zones of interest and their speed inside the zone.

Network and Security Features:

  • Operate mesh IOT network
    • Distributed message passing
    • Avoid single point of failure
    • Lower latency
  • Wireguard VPN
    • Mutual authentication between device and backend
    • Data hidden and protected during transit
  • Last mile agnostic – operates over Starlink, LTE, corporate network
    • “Guest network” ready – No forwarded ports or trusted network needed